Here’s Your Exclusive Personal Viewing of Our Last Q&A LIVE Event:
Creating Your Breakthrough Year
A select group of entrepreneurs recently had the opportunity to ask Chris and I their most pressing questions about growing their businesses.

And for THREE FULL HOURS we spilled business-changing insights and perspectives we’ve never shared anywhere else.

Now, for a limited time only, you can listen in on every word for a fraction of the admission price… and implement the strategies as soon as tonight

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From the Desk of Taylor Welch
Franklin, Tennessee
Last month, we gave a small group of entrepreneurs a chance to ask us anything about running and growing their client businesses.

Consultants, coaches and done-for-you service providers came in hot with their most pressing questions about leadership, teambuilding, personal/mental roadblocks, and money issues - like:
  • What do you look for when hiring for your Client Success and Sales team?
  • ​[Empathy vs Standards] How do you push people to a high standard while having empathy?
  • ​How do you transfer client responsibilities to your team without sacrificing the integrity of your program?
  • ​How can you be a great leader to your team and clients? 
  • ​How do you divide your cash between savings, reinvesting it back into the business, and rewarding yourself?
  • ​How do you handle ruts? And how do you handle them AFTER leveling up? (a major blindspot for many “advanced” entrepreneurs)
Plus a bunch of others like:
  • How do you create a culture so the community serves each other?
  • When exactly do you transition from working with remote employees to opening up a local office? (and when it’s best not to)
  • How do you deal with bad decision making when you’re in a rut?
  • How do you take time off when you’re struggling financially and not worry about cash-flow?
  • ​How do you maintain the growth without having the “wheels fly off the car”?
  • And a whole list of questions that most entrepreneurs never even consider (but should if they want to scale smoothly) 
The session was scheduled for only 90 minutes. But everyone in the room was adamant we keep spilling the insights. 

So we kept going - for over 3 hours straight - helping client after client navigate some of the biggest roadblocks we all inevitably face as we continue to grow.
Attendees furiously scribbled down hard-won strategies, frameworks, and mindset shifts we discovered over the past 6 years.

And after seeing just how much everyone got from the session, we knew we couldn’t just lock it away. We had to share it.

So for a limited time only, you have the opportunity to sneak in the room and soak in wisdom intended only for our very best clients.
NO ONE got through the door without investing five-figures... 

But today you can get your hands on it for a tiny fraction of that...

You won’t find these insights anywhere else!

They’re based on our experience of growing multiple businesses - both our own and our clients’.

Chris and I are in 8-10 businesses every week. 

We’re innovating, fixing, and adapting constantly - at an insane pace. 

We’ve grown our team to over 106 employees. 

On top of that, we regularly help other businesses smash their roadblocks so they can grow as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Now you get to take advantage of our vast experience to save your business (and probably your sanity) from going down the wrong path.
Here's just a fraction of what we covered:

Leadership Skills

  • The style of leadership that propels businesses forward, and the biggest mistake leaders make that bottlenecks the company’s growth.
  • ​Why we think the leader’s job is NOT to be a genius (this may hurt your ego)
  • ​When to implement new ideas without wasting the organization’s resources
  • ​The simple 3-step framework that diffuses tension when having a tough conversations

Teambuilding & Culture

  • How to push your team to operate at their highest level mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally to serve your vision 
  • ​Vital entrepreneurial habits to develop during your first year (things I wish I knew)
  • ​The 5 Elements of the Hiring Grid
  • ​How personal issues affect the entire organization, and the ethos your leaders should adopt

Mental Roadblocks

  • How to avoid being labelled a “hubristic leader”
  • ​The little-known reason why working less increases the impact of your work, and why not taking breaks can easily ruin your hard work
  • ​How to be aware that you’re actually IN a rut and stop yourself from making regrettable decisions (If you think you never hit ruts, you have a self-aware issue)
  • ​The simple mindset shift to stop micromanaging your business and accelerate its growth

Money & Cash Flow

  • How to reduce financial burn and hit long-term goals faster, and the risks involved during the first growth year.
  • ​The one instance when you MUST spend money or risk going into a rut
  • ​The 4 stupid-simple steps Chris would do to get to 6-figures/month consistently in 30-60 days (even with zero audience at the start)
  • ​BONUS: Our secret resource on how to buy your dream car without using your money, or losing it on taxes, maintenance, or depreciation
You're Protected by our No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I promise these three hours will hand you what you need to overcome challenges you’re facing in your business right now (or that are just around the corner).

And to make this an absolute no-brainer for you, I wanna remove all the risk.

So here’s the deal: You’re either thrilled with the Millionaire Masterclass Q&A… or I insist you create a support ticket by clicking here or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund your entire purchase.

Even if it’s a couple years down the road.

I’m happy to shoulder to the risk because I’m confidence in the value you’re getting today.

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P.S. In Case You Skimmed Ahead...
Let me recap this for you real quick...
Last month, we hosted a Q&A session for our clients where they had the chance to ask us their most pressing questions. 

Chris and I then proceeded to spill business-changing insights and perspective for 3 hours straight…

And good news - we recorded every moment of it.

Since everyone got so much out of the session, it seemed a shame to keep it locked away.
We've also added two FREE BONUS SESSIONS that go hand-in-hand with The Millionaire Masterclass Q&A session.
  • BONUS #1: Gold Day Session with Chris & Taylor
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive Q&A Session from our April Gathering
So now we want to give you the opportunity to listen in for a tiny fraction of what everyone paid to be in the room.

For a strictly limited time, you can pick it all up for just $97.

So if you’re ready to soak in these growth-fueling insights... 

All you gotta do is hit the button below, fill out the secure order form, and we’ll email you your login details right away.
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